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Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site



28 E. 20th St., Manhattan.


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The site is closed for renovations as of May 1, 2015 and will reopen in 2016. Get updates.


Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace is not wheelchair accessible.


Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace (NPS), 212-260-1616


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Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site

A reconstruction of the 26th President's first home on its original site in Manhattan

East 20th Street between Park Avenue South and Broadway is a charming block in the Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan. This little enclave is also known as Theodore Roosevelt Way in honor of America's 26th President, who was born at No. 28 on October 27, 1858 and lived there until he was 14 years old. Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace commemorates the man who led America onto the world's stage while also championing the preservation of its historic and natural resources.

Mike Amato

Learn about the colorful career of the rough-riding, peace-making President Theodore Roosevelt from NPS ranger Mike Amato.

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The national historic site is a reconstruction of Roosevelt's original home featuring five fully furnished period rooms that offer insight into what life was like for a wealthy New York family in the 1860s. Approximately one half of the objects and furnishings are from the original Roosevelt family residence, the remainder are of the period. The collections on view illustrate TR's early family life as well as his late military and political career. Taxidermy specimens and volumes from his library remind the visitor of his keen interest in hunting and exploration.

"Teedie," as young Roosevelt was nicknamed, was a sickly but bright and lively boy. To improve his health, he began an exercise program at the house's outdoor gymnasium and ignited a lifelong passion for the "strenuous life."

After graduating from Harvard, Roosevelt pursued his boyhood dreams, as a rancher, naturalist, explorer, author and Colonel of the Rough Riders. He was elected to the New York State Assembly at the age of 24, became Governor of New York in 1898, and was elected Vice President of the United States in 1900.

Vice President Theodore Roosevelt became president when William McKinley was assassinated in September 1901. As President, Roosevelt pushed progressive reforms, such as the conservation of natural and historical resources for the American people. Widely known as the "Conservationist President," he established five national parks and 18 national monuments. He also negotiated an end to the war between Russia and Japan, for which he won a Nobel Peace Prize.

Demolished in 1916, the site of the original birthplace was purchased by the Women's Roosevelt Memorial Association after Roosevelt's death in 1919. The house was rebuilt and decorated by his wife and sisters as they remembered it from their childhood.

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