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Riverside Park



62nd to 158th Streets along Manhattan's West Side.


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Park open daily, dawn-1am.
Playgrounds open 8am-dusk.


The paths are wheelchair accessible. The parking lots all have handicapped spaces.


Riverside Park Fund, 212-870-3070.


General Grant Memorial
Hamilton Grange
Hudson River Park

Riverside Park

A waterfront park with public art, sports fields and a nature sanctuary on Manhattan's Upper West Side

Stretching from 62nd to 158th Streets along Manhattan's West Side, Riverside Park is a vast expanse of green space on the edge of the Hudson River. The park is home to beautiful gardens, landscaped paths, sports facilities, public art, and some of the most stunning river views.

Riverside Park is the recreationalist's paradise. A scenic bike trail, perfect for serious cyclists and casual riders alike, begins at 158th Street at the north end of the park and continues south through Hudson River Park before concluding at the tip of Manhattan in Battery Park. Joggers, walkers, and skaters are also accommodated with well-maintained waterside paths and even sections of scenic bike-free wooden dock paths. The park is also a great place to connect with the West Side waterfront. The newly renovated historic Pier 1 at 70th Street is now open, allowing visitors to get up close to the water, enjoy the views, or to even launch a kayak or canoe. For the inexperienced, the Downtown Boathouse offers instructional kayak courses. Hundreds of local residents enjoy the recreational facilities in the park including the baseball fields, tennis courts and a skate park. In the warmer months, water play fountains are ideal for children and parents can enjoy evening yoga and pilates classes by the water.

The park is also a wonderful refuge for those seeking refuge in nature. The People's Garden, located between 90th and 91st street, is a much-loved community garden that has been in operation since 1977. Avian enthusiasts will enjoy the park's bird sanctuary located between 116th and 129th streets. In this area, restoration work has returned it to a more natural and appealing habitat for bird species.

Riverside Park has been a neighborhood favorite since its construction at the turn of the century. Fredrick Law Olmsted, who also helped design Central Park, meant for the space to connect the city to its waterfront and provide a green space for recreation. Today, the park is filled with public art and memorials, playgrounds, and sports fields, making the space a favorite of athletes, kids, and nature lovers alike.

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Walking, jogging, bicycling, skating, skateboarding, baseball, tennis, kayaking, canoeing, yoga, pilates, picnicking, sunbathing, bird watching, gardening, and more. See park calendar of programs and events.