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Brooklyn Bridge Park



Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn.


East River commuter ferry provides service to the park.

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Piers 1 and 6 open daily, 6am-1am.
Playgrounds close at dusk.


The park's pathways are wheelchair accessible.


Brooklyn Bridge Park, 718-222-9939.
Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy, 718-802-0603.


Brooklyn Heights Promenade
South Street Seaport

Brooklyn Bridge Park

An evolving public park on the Brooklyn waterfront

Brooklyn Bridge Park is an 85-acre former industrial waterfront site stretching along the East River. The park arcs from the Manhattan Bridge, underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and then south to the upland area of Pier 6 and Atlantic Avenue.

Designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Brooklyn Bridge Park provides green space for active and passive uses including playing fields, ball courts, playgrounds, civic lawns, and running and bicycle paths. Opened in phases, the first 6 acres of the park at Pier 1 opened in 2010. These included the first waterfront promenade, lawns, a playground and the "Granite Prospect." Since then almost 7 acres of parkland on Pier 6, 3.5 acres on Pier 1 and 1.4 acres of on the Pier 2 uplands have opened to the public.

The most significant park to be built in Brooklyn since the construction of Prospect Park, when fully constructed, the park will stretch 1.3 miles along the Brooklyn waterfront. It will also feature a series of "get downs" to the water's edge, a calm water boating basin, a picnic peninsula, as well as, restored natural features including wetlands, salt marshes and dunes.

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Outdoor movies, festivals and concerts. See park calendar and Conservancy calendar.