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National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy

July 2011

Celebrate independence and freedom
•  Hear readings of the Declaration of Independence at Fort Wadsworth (7/3) or St. Paul's Church (7/4).
•  Go on a guided tour of Revolutionary War-era New York this holiday weekend or later this month.
•  Take the Abolitionist Tour on July 5th to hear about African American NYer's fight for freedom post the Revolution.

Spend summer evenings in the parks
•  Enjoy a free Patti Smith concert at Castle Clinton.
•  Rock out Wednesdays with beach concerts at Sandy Hook.
•  Join rangers for a camp-out in the New York City outback.
•  End the day with a family seining adventure at Horseshoe Cove.

Find a boating program at a Gateway National Recreation Area park near you.

Find us on Facebook For more information on events and programs, check the calendar and fan us on Facebook.

Treat your kids aged 7-11 to a pirate treasure hunt, nature hike or wildlife safari.

Explore the historic streets of Lower Manhattan with a National Park Service Ranger as your guide.

Join a kayaking excursion to the hidden places of Jamaica Bay—from Canarsie Pol to Ruffle Bar to Pumpkin Patch Channel.

The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy is working to create on New York Harbor the finest urban waterfront recreation and educational national park system in the world.

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