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View of New York Harbor

Board of Directors

Marian HeiskellMarie SalernoVin CipollaMatthew HayfordTonio BurgosTony HissAmelia HuntingtonLeslie MattinglyArmand Pohan

Marian S. Heiskell, Chair &

Floyd Bennett Field
Favorite Park
"Floyd Bennett Field. There is enormous potential to give children the opportunity to learn about nature."

"I grew up around woods and a lake, and I fell in love with these parks. I'd like to see them made available to many more people than they are now, available to all people. We founded the Harbor Conservancy so people can see more and know more about the beauty of New York."

Marie Salerno, President/CEO &

Jamaica Bay
Favorite Park
"Gateway National Recreation Area. Gateway gives New Yorkers the opportunity to experience not only a great urban park, but a great national park."

"In New York there had been no private citizen voice to speak for our unheralded national parks. The Harbor Conservancy was created to provide a unified, powerful and attainable vision for the future to inspire and guide a new era of stewardship, conservation and understanding of our heritage."

Matthew Hayford, Treasurer

Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Federal Hall
Favorite Park
"Federal Hall. I took my kids there to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence."

"The Harbor Conservancy combines three important things I want for my kids: history, environment, and education. These parks change how I view the city. I want to retire and live here because of these resources."

Tonio Burgos

CEO, Tonio Burgos and Associates

Statue of Liberty
Favorite Park
"The Statue of Liberty. The immigrant story symbolized by the Lady in the Harbor...In my mind no other national park in the country comes close."

"I believe that New York should have a national park system that is recognized around the country. This is a quality of life issue, an educational issue, and a legacy issue for all Americans. These are not 'New York' parks; they belong to all Americans. We want these parks accessible to every American and to every visitor across the globe."

Coleman P. Burke

Founder & Managing Partner, Waterfront Companies

Castle Clinton
Favorite Park
"Castle Clinton and the Battery. I used to sit by the fire-boat building and just watch the activity on the harbor."

"I've spent my life on the water and I love history, so the Harbor Conservancy is a natural fit for me...I love the rivers, the bridges and the forts. This is one of the greatest ports in the world."

Selby Bush

Government Relations Manager, Conventional and Exploration Corporate Affairs, BHP Billiton

Federal Hall
Favorite Park
"Federal Hall. It is so easy to pass by this historical gem amidst the bustle of Wall Street, but upon entering the building you can feel the magnificence of what took place so many years ago on that site."

"As a non-New Yorker I was amazed by the deep history and number of national parks in the NY/NJ area. I firmly believe that New Yorkers and tourists alike should experience all that New York has to offer—especially the grandeur and history of the National Parks of New York Harbor. My hope is to leave a legacy through these parks for the generation of Americans behind me to remember our past while building the future."

David J. Callard

Senior Family Advisor, Eaton Vance Investment Counsel

Michael Greenspon

General Manager, News Services, The New York Times Company

General Grant Memorial
Favorite Park
"General Grant Memorial and Fort Tilden. I've grown to love these historic sites through my children."

"These parks allow us to interact with history and nature, rather than just learning about it in a classroom. Figuring out how to get people to them and how to tell people about them is an exciting challenge."

Tony Hiss

Author, The Experience of Place and In Motion

Jamaica Bay
Favorite Park
"Jamaica Bay has always been for me one of the jewels of the city."

"I've always been in love with New York as a natural environment. What drew people here in the first place was this estuary, where five rivers converge—estuaries are the nurseries of aquatic life, a place of great natural abundance and real beauty."

Amelia Huntington

President, Market Group America, Phillips Lighting

Leslie Mattingly

Attorney, Advocate & Mediator

Federal Hall
Favorite Park
"Federal Hall and Ellis Island. Though my heart lies in nature, history teaches, develops character, inspires courage and commitment, and provides wisdom."

"Time and again, we see nature and history in concert together, though rarely are they so addressed. The Conservancy gives that very opportunity, to its members and to all those who live in or visit New York; to experience, enjoy, and learn from both, as well as to understand how the two are so intricately intertwined. I consider it an honor and truly a sacred opportunity to be part of this mission."

Elsie McCabe Thompson

President, New York City Mission Society

Michael Mulgrew

President, United Federation of Teachers

Travis Noyes

Chief Marketing Officer, New York Wheel & Empire Outlets

Fort Wadsworth
Favorite Park
"Fort Wadsworth. Historically, it stood as a sentinel guarding New York Harbor and the Gateway to America."

"I consider New York Harbor the greatest harbor in the world. And the National Parks of New York Harbor are its crown jewels. The parks are the Gateway to America and a gift to New Yorkers and the nation."

Armand Pohan

Chairman, NY Waterway

Governors Island
Favorite Park
"Governors Island. I love the lovely views of the harbor from Castle Williams, which also has such a long and fascinating history."

"Although I have lived my whole life in the New York area, it is only through operating a fleet of ferry boats that I have come to experience the vastness, history, and unique beauty of New York Harbor. I am excited to be involved with an organization committed to sharing that experience with our neighbors and the world."

George Samoladas

Director, BlackRock

Fort Wadsworth
Favorite Park
"Fort Wadsworth. It's a unique location that combines history, discovery and one heck of a view of New York City."

"Being a part of the Harbor Conservancy means helping to shine a light on the beautiful and diverse national parks around New York City. These sites are part of the connection tissue of the National Parks System and help to make the New York experience even grander for all visitors."


The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy is a public-private partnership with the National Parks of New York Harbor and sanctioned as its primary partner under a U.S. Department of the Interior Friends Group Agreement.