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View of New York Harbor

Board of Directors

Michael Greenspon

Mr. Greenspon is the General Manager of the News Services Division for The New York Times. He oversees the editing and sales operations of the News Service and Syndicate, including International Weekly, Times Digest, Upfront magazine and Large Print Weekly and also handles product and content licensing, rights and permissions for photos and text in addition to brand development and the Times Online Store.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Greenspon was a director in strategic planning at the Times, handling the launch of the Sunday Metropolitan section and the consolidation of other sections. Mr. Greenspon first joined The New York Times Company in 2002, holding positions in advertising and circulation at the Boston Globe. Prior to that, he worked at The Washington Post as a general assignment business reporter, assistant plant manager, and financial planner.

Mr. Greenspon has also worked on national security policy at the U. S. Department of Defense. He holds a law degree from Georgetown University.

General Grant Memorial
Favorite Park
"General Grant Memorial and Fort Tilden. I've grown to love these historic sites through my children."

The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy is a public-private partnership with the National Parks of New York Harbor and sanctioned as its primary partner under a U.S. Department of the Interior Friends Group Agreement.