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Board of Directors

Marie Salerno
President/CEO & Co-Founder, National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy

For 40 years, Marie Salerno has held leadership roles at New York's publishing, cultural, literary, and educational institutions. She has created and implemented strategic development and marketing campaigns, produced major public and fundraising events, executed the start-up of several magazines, initiated earned income revenue centers for non-profits and forged alliances with public/private sectors and diverse communities to better serve constituents.

In 2001, prior to incubating and founding the Harbor Conservancy, she was the first Campaign Finance Director for the successful campaign of Betsy Gotbaum for Public Advocate. In 1998, Ms. Salerno was appointed President of NYC 100, the public-private centenary celebration of the City of New York commemorating the consolidation of New York's five boroughs into Greater New York. She led a consortium of over 200 entities, producing and specially arranging hundreds of programs and events that illuminated the city's rich heritage. It featured a simultaneous fireworks display in all five boroughs, a concert on the Great Lawn of Central Park featuring for the first time on the same stage, Kurt Mazur and the New York Philharmonic, Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center, and Skitch Henderson and the New York Pops. She produced the first immigration curriculum for schools and co-authored with Arthur Gelb The New York Pop-Up Book (1999), Universe/Rizzoli.

In 1994, the New York Public Library recruited Ms. Salerno as Vice President of Public Affairs to create its centennial celebration, the platform for launching a $500 million capital drive. She produced a system-wide strategic plan for its research and branch libraries, including programs, exhibitions, and lectures. In 1996, the Library was awarded the Silver Anvil Award of the Public Relations Society of America. Prior to that, she was Managing Director of Thirteen/WNET.

Jamaica Bay
Favorite Park
"Gateway National Recreation Area. Gateway gives New Yorkers the opportunity to experience not only a great urban park, but a great national park."

The National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy is a public-private partnership with the National Parks of New York Harbor and sanctioned as its primary partner under a U.S. Department of the Interior Friends Group Agreement.